Dietary Supplements and Children

Dietary Supplements and Children

Are dietary supplements safe to give to my children? Are there natural supplements to use in place of the ADD medications? What supplements can I use to boost my child’s immune system?

These are some of the questions I am asked these questions on a daily basis. First, dietary supplements are not considered medications. They are considered “foods” according to the FDA. Recommended dosages and directions are for food use only and cannot have a medical indication. Also, any scientific source will have some clinical evidence they reference to make statements of usage and dosing. There are little or no pediatric studies on supplement use in children that I have come across, so my recommendations are based on safety first. I use anecdotal and empirical evidence and over 20 years of hands-on, real-life professional experience to base my recommendations.

  1. Are dietary supplements safe for children?

It depends on the supplement. I am comfortable recommending probiotics, melatonin, B vitamins, Vitamin D and Omega 3 fish oil.

  1. Are there natural supplements to use in place of ADD medications?

I get this question by many parents due to their perceived side effects of the ADD medications. Depending on the condition (ADD, ADHD or other behavioral disorders), I recommend good lifestyle habits, such as a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, limit or restrict caffeinated products and sugary drinks, limiting time watching videos or electronic devices and good old-fashioned playtime or physical activity. I then add vitamin B-12, a pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 fish oil and/or melatonin. There are other supplements I like, including l-tyrosine, 5HTP, and other neurotransmitter precursors.

  1. What supplements can I use to boost my child’s immune system?

I first recommend getting plenty of rest, a good healthy diet and consistent hand washing. I like vitamins but in moderation and combinations. Vitamin C, Vitamin D and a “vitamin booster” such as alpha lipoic acid are good starters. Good therapeutic and balanced probiotics and elderberry concentrate are the next addition. They especially help to protect the upper respiratory tract and digestive systems.

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